The ÉMÉ brand was founded in 2013 by Zsófia Varga and Alexandra Pákozdi in Budapest, Hungary.
From the very beginning, they were inspired by their imaginary ideal of the cosmopolitan woman. When creating ÉMÉ, bringing this ideal to life was our goal.

This cosmopolitan woman is tough and charming at the same time, she is full of ambitions but she also has a softer, more romantic side. The fusion of these two completely different personalities inspires us season by season, and this is why creating high contrasts are essential in each of our collections.

Our other inexhaustible source of inspiration is the heavy metropolitan milieu which creates a contrast with the lightness of natural curves, similar to contemporary art. This concept can be observed in the shapes and in our unique pattern designs.

While we aim to create characteristic and memorable pieces that fit together perfectly, we never forget that above all else we want people to feel comfortable. Our garments are made to enhance the wearer’s personality, and to create strong self-confidence during the everyday life.


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